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Every summer, Protiviti hosts nearly 300 interns. But before the internships officially start, the interns gather in Orlando for an entertaining orientation, where the Recruiting and Learning & Development teams aim to put the Protiviti experience on display. That’s where I came in.


The purpose of TIC is to train interns on the basics of the internal audit process before their internship while amping up the benefits of a Protiviti career, as many interns are offered a full-time job for post-graduation. Interns also are given ample time to enjoy Universal Studios.


Define messaging that anchors the experience of The Intern Challenge and also showcases why the interns should select a career with Protiviti post-internship.

Develop a visual concept for the messaging that will live as an experience within the experience.


“Live Something Different” became the rallying cry for not only TIC but for campus recruiting overall — so interns see this messaging from the first time they interact with Protiviti.

“Live Something Different” evokes the qualities of a career as a consultant — e.g., traveling, meeting people from around the world, and always learning something new.

I worked with a copywriter to land on this messaging, developing a tight creative brief and iterating over several rounds with the copywriter and the campus recruiting team.


With the messaging settled, visual system was next. But first — it was important to delineate the audience further from Protiviti’s core audience of C-level and board room members.

TIC’s audience is of Generation Z. So I honed in on the fashion and style of Gen Z and looked for ways to use the Protiviti brand, on-brand.

Visual System

With Gen Z on the brain, I took inspiration from poster design and T-shirt graphics marketed to Gen Z and in general modern retro ’90s-inspired graphics (a hallmark of Gen Z fashion) when I originally designed a takeaway brochure for campus recruiting. TIC’s design was evolved from this brochure, which most of the TIC interns would have received along their journey to TIC.

Note the squiggly lines, duotone photo, and skewed shapes. These are basic hallmarks of what I saw across ’90s-inspired graphics aimed at Gen Z — and yet kept us still on brand, as Protivit’s brand is geometric at its core.

The brochure also opens out to a poster.


At TIC, the Talent team wanted to have a photobooth-like experience.

For this, I concepted a “lifesize” air balloon, which symbolized how someone could actually “Live Something Different.” And I worked with a teammate on the actual illustration of the balloon and the landscape around the balloon.

Behind the balloon, we asked the interns to write on a sticker shaped like a cloud how they “live something different.”

hotel graphics

Protiviti had previously asked its employees to submit photos that showed their unique perspective on the world. Many of these photos exhibited qualities of “Live Something Different.”

I saw an opportunity to use these photos on the many posters needed throughout the hotel grounds.


"Samm has always impressed me with her professionalism, her ability to take any small idea, enhance it and build upon it to provide outstanding deliverables ... Samm is such a talented individual and such a pleasure to work with."

Caitlin Jensen, Employee Experience at Protiviti
Photos done by RH Media Services

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