For 4.5 years, as art director I transformed the design team from a service provider to a valued strategic partner for Protiviti, a Fortune 100 consulting firm. I cultivated an atmosphere of exploration and pushing the status quo, resulting in the pieces you see here.

Vision by Protiviti

Vision is an editorial digital product aimed at the C-suite that will look at topics 10 years out, which is atypical from consulting firms' typical purview of at most 24 months. It is currently in development, August 2021.

  • My first task was to help concept a name. I recommended Vision, with the "i" and "o" as the number "10" to reinforce the forecasting relationship of a decade.
  • My second major task was to develop the IA, wireframes and ultimately the UI design, with a visual system rooted in the line graphics of the logo.
  • Throughout these design tasks, I was also helping the marketing team develop the needs, priorities and timeline for development of further deliverables.

Hear from a stakeholder

Joe Kornik, Director of Brand Publishing, Protiviti

"Samm delivered a smart, strategic and contemporary design aimed at senior executives. She struck the perfect balance between edgy and professional in her design approach, and her instincts are spot on when it comes to finding the right approach to amplify the content to meet its overall goals. She's a designer who really understands editorial, which is a bonus! In addition, Samm was an absolute pleasure to work with; she's super organized, deadline-oriented, proficient and diligent."

Role — IA, UX & UI, creative strategy, program development. Logo by George Yui.

Hear from my colleague

Garry Reynolds, UK Director of Marketing, Protiviti

"I knew I could call Samm when I needed strategic advice on new projects. Her quiet focus on brand excellence sets the standard as she handles any situation calmly and patiently ensuring alignment to brand. This is one person for me who has been an ideal art director. Any organization would be lucky to have Samm as part of the team."

Video design system

Role — Art direction and design. Motion graphics by Raman Singh.

Code Conference

  • This invitation-only conference brings together the biggest names in tech.
  • Protiviti sponsored the complimentary cafe at Code. And in doing so, was able to brand the experience.
  • The messaging capitalizes on key words the tech leaders should be considering. But largely, Protiviti's sponsorship is driven by brand-awareness needs.

Role — Art direction. Design by George Yui.

Hear from my colleague

George Yui, senior graphic designer, Protiviti

"My personal design, decision making and leadership skills have improved greatly under Samm's guidance. She has helped foster and grow my design/illustration style to help build Protiviti's brand. When I work with our partners, I am more aware of their needs and the solutions we can provide."

Employee experience

My work with the recruiting team was extensive. It started with a simple ask: A brochure for campus recruiting events. The team now, though, has several new-employee digital experiences, an in-person experience and a messaging system built all around it.

Role — Art direction, creative strategy and design

Campus recruiting brochure
  • Leave-behind opens from a square to an accordion fold, then to a poster, and is overall intended to be keepsake for this Gen-Z audience of mostly juniors at major universities across U.S.

Hear from a stakeholder

Cait Jensen, Brand Lead of Employee Experience, Protiviti

"Samm has always impressed me with her professionalism, her ability to take any small idea and enhance it and build upon it to provide outstanding deliverables that could be used (and evolved upon). She worked on a variety of projects for my team spanning from visual experiences online to on-site experiences for events, marketing materials, social media templates and more — all of which built a visual brand we are so proud of. Samm is such a talented individual and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your hard work, Samm!"

The Intern Challenge
  • Students privy to the campus recruiting marketing who were selected among Protiviti’s 300+ interns now take the next step and head to Florida for a 10-day adventure and training session before joining their local offices for 8-week internships.
  • The Intern Challenge is housed in the same messaging they receive with their leave-behind.
  • Event experience is extended to show real-life ways they can “live something different” while hoping to inspire them to ask themselves how they will do the same.

Role — Art direction and design. Illustration by George Yui.

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