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Vision by Protiviti

Vision by Protiviti is an editorial digital product aimed at the C-suite that looks at topics 10 years out, which is atypical from consulting firms' typical purview of at most 24 months. It is currently in development, August 2021.

Hear from a stakeholder

Joe Kornik, Director of Brand Publishing, Protiviti

"Samm delivered a smart, strategic and contemporary design aimed at senior executives. She struck the perfect balance between edgy and professional in her design approach, and her instincts are spot on when it comes to finding the right approach to amplify the content to meet its overall goals. She's a designer who really understands editorial, which is a bonus! In addition, Samm was an absolute pleasure to work with; she's super organized, deadline-oriented, proficient and diligent."

Role — IA, UX & UI, creative strategy, program development. Logo by George Yui.

Hear from my colleague

Garry Reynolds, UK Director of Marketing, Protiviti

"I knew I could call Samm when I needed strategic advice on new projects. Her quiet focus on brand excellence sets the standard as she handles any situation calmly and patiently ensuring alignment to brand. This is one person for me who has been an ideal art director. Any organization would be lucky to have Samm as part of the team."

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