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paumco outdoors

Paumco makes products that enhance your outdoor adventures. And that better experience, I determined, should start on shelf — before you've even pitched a tent or lit the campfire. This redesign enhances not only your experience using the product but buying and interacting with it too. Key elements of this redesign are sustainable packaging and a disruptive look on shelf.

Replacing the previous package of a canvas bag housed in a container similar to a pizza box, the new design is a sustainable and innovative solution that capitalizes on the bag's ability to communicate on its own and the originality of an asymmetrical wrap attached using plastic barbs. Inside the canvas bag are an instruction guide and seven pieces that assemble into the grill.

When the wrap is removed, the canvas bag reiterates the brand.

A rewritten and reorganized instruction guide ties in a whimsical illustration to introduce Paumco's lighthearted tone.

Paumco's logo is intended to be a flexible element within its brand.

Paumco's logo features an icon that hints at the numerous icons of outdoor life, all of which happen to feature a triangle shape — a bonfire, a mountain or a tent. The tagline, "get more out," was a bright moment for me as a leader. After several rounds encouraged by me, my co-worker (and boss!) dreamed up this great solution to our challenge: communicate that Paumco is set on two things foremost: 1) helping people enjoy the outdoors and 2) creating products that simplify outdoors adventures by not getting in the way of them. This tagline with double meaning accomplished just that and — even cooler — did so succinctly.

A logo for Paumco's flagship product, Bob-A-Que, evokes the triangle shape of a bonfire, all while efficiently communicating the rhythm of the product name without clunky hyphens.

Below are earlier logo concepts and process work.

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