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pan-o-gold baking company


Pan-O-Gold, the Upper Midwest's leading supplier of consumer bread, had been operating a foodservice division for several years, but had done so without a formal system of sales materials and a website.


I was tasked with building assets for the B2B audience of Pan-O-Gold, the Upper Midwest's leading supplier of consumer bread, starting with photography of nearly 100 products, which informed a print sales system of catalogs and sell sheets. A robust website — also from scratch — came next, where I first developed the IA, resulting in a site that put POG's best feet forward: capabilities that are greater and more robust than any competitor.


I directed both on site and remotely all product and prepared food photography and also did post-production for on-site photography.


A beautifully printed catalog presents the 100-plus foodservice products from Pan-O-Gold — from your basic bun to you artisan Kaiser. For the photography, I determined the art direction of "bright, approachable plating" and worked remotely with food stylists.


A robust website featuring POG's full foodservice catalog also puts POG's capabilities front-and-center, where they previously hadn't been prominently communicated to the foodservice audience.


A beautiful printed catalog stole the attention of foodservice buyers, who remarked it was the best they had ever seen. With POG's robust website and a print sales system at the ready, POG has captured the attention of more foodservice buyers with more purchasing power.

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