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oklahoma rebranding


Through this self-initiated project, rebrand Oklahoma, first by defining who Oklahoma is and where it's going. Then, develop a new identity and materials for the Department of Tourism and other initiatives.


Oklahoma's current slogan, "Native America," presents an archaic model of the state, one that has grown tremendously and continues to do so in all areas including business, tourism and ecotourism. This conceptual project proposes that the state adopt the slogan "Changing Shape." The slogan reshapes the nation's perception of the state by playing with its most well-known feature: its cleaver shape.

The proposed logo uses a custom typeface that evokes a sense of the American West.

A new license plate design establishes the state's growing economy and diverse landscape.

A moving guide showcases Oklahoma's greatest assets most unknown to the rest of the country.

Work done as a graduate student at the School of Design, University of Central Oklahoma.

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