roles: UX & UI | creative strategy & direction

epic labs


Develop the photography concept for showcasing Epic Labs' highly complex, specialty eyeglass lenses. Then, build a brand and website around this (ahem) "epic" photography.


Lenses that make it possible for legally blind patients to see calls for an equally amazing website and collateral. Starting with custom 3D-printed stages for showcasing lenses, Epic's website and stationery take the look forward and beyond.

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Product pages

Products are organized under 3 categories, which are colorized blue, gray, and red.


A subtle visual reference throughout is the use of foreground and background repetition of headlines — a cue to near-sightedness and far-sightedness.

Product videos

Users can hover over videos to start and stop the 360-degree view videos of the lenses.


An above-average number of users are on desktop, so I was able to take advantage of interactive features more accessible on desktop (that still degrade gracefully on mobile), such as here in the navigation, where users can directly see a photo of the lens before they click to the respective page.


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