Below is a sampling of some of my core beliefs about design, process and problem-solving.

design should delight

Design has the power to both enrich our lives and our bottom lines. And we do so by ensuring delightful experiences with a brand at every juncture. Digging deep, asking tough questions, experimenting and obsessing are only some of the tools we “designers that delight” use to craft seamless and beautiful experiences on the web, in products, in print and in person.

define the problem first

Having the problem in hand means we're working toward the most opportune solution. In other words, if Client requests a new sales kit but you discover its marketing first needs to be grounded in holistic messaging, it is then not in Client's best interest for you to leave the problem loosely defined. The most useful method, then, to unearthing the right problem is by starting every project asking questions — lots of them.

the design process is non-linear — and, at times, unpredictable

My design process does not follow a linear path from A to Z. I do, however, begin every project with a discovery stage, soaking up everything and anything I come across in ideation, which runs the gamut from user research and interviews to peer-reviewed scholarly journals full of both qualitative and quantitative data. Another hallmark of my process is exploration, experimenting with a multitude of possibilities before honing in on the top ideas.

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1 You’ve just taken in a lot! Some would call it “the end.” I, however, call it “the beginning” — perhaps of something beautiful. Let’s find out together.