Build out the Protiviti brand starting with an incomplete brand refresh. While building the brand, build up the design team’s capabilities, design thinking and confidence.


After just six short months, the brand, the design team and our relationships with our partners were in fundamentally different places under my leadership. Below is a glimpse into the projects that transformed Protiviti into a forward-thinking, global brand designed by a team that became confident in its value and voice.

The Intern Challenge

The recruiting team was eager to go big and bold with the brand for the equally big and bold annual event, The Intern Challenge. Our tasks were 1) to capture the energy and excitement of a career with Protiviti in an icon, carrying that through various materials, and 2) to create a physical, interactive experience on site. The result was, in the words of an executive team member, "The best event theme we've done to date!" The interns thought it was pretty dope too. That's what the kids say, right?

Roles: Creative strategy, art direction, experience concept, and poster design. Illustration: George Yui. Copywriting: Noah Glick.

American Banker's Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking awards

We looked deeply at how to make a real connection with the women who earned this prestigious award. The resulting concept in the spirit of fearless girl earned several heartfelt responses from the honorees (as well as from our marketing partners), like this one: “I work hard to be a role model and you reminded me that an honor like this is another chance to mentor and inspire.”

Roles: Creative strategy, art direction and design.
Award: GDUSA 2018.

Leave-behind for campus recruiting

This brochure that converts to a poster was designed to solve two primary problems that the campus recruiting team had: communicating to college students what a consultant actually does and creating a memorable promo item.

Roles: Creative strategy, art direction and design. Copywriting: Noah Glick.
Awards: IHAF and GDUSA 2018.

Employee Appreciation Week & Fortune Announcement 2018

We set out to create a novel design for appreciating all 3,600 Protiviti employees during employee appreciation week, which also coincided with the announcement that Protiviti was listed for the fourth year in a row on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For. The theme extended into activities the week of in the 70+ offices — including hat photobooths, hat cupcakes, wear-your-favorite-hat day, and so on.

Roles: Creative strategy & art direction. Illustration and design by the fantastic George Yui.

2018 Finance Trends Survey Report

Roles: Creative strategy, art direction, and design. Production layout: Nikhil Kataria.

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks 2019

Roles: Creative strategy, art direction, and design. Production layout: Abhishek Pundhir.

Work done as Art Director at Protiviti, a division of Robert Half Int'l

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